Higher Education in France

France is the prime destination for over 300,000 international students that make up 12% of the total post-secondary enrolments.

France has always been a favourite destination for scientists, managers, engineers, thinkers, artists and writers from all over the world. Many have made it their home. The rich cultural diversity and heritage reflected in everyday life, the high quality of education as also the French State's commitment towards welcoming international students make France an attractive destination for higher education. Also the world's sixth-largest economy, France is the third most popular destination for international students.

France offers students a full spectrum of academic and professional opportunities for an affordable fee. It houses 74 public universities, over 200 schools of engineering, 150 schools of business and management, 120 public post-secondary schools of art, 20 schools of architecture, and 3,000 other specialised institutes and schools in specific sectors such as social work, the allied health professions, tourism, sports, fashion, design, and more.

In 2016, over 4,200 Indian students went to France for higher education. The Embassy of France, through Institut français and Campus France India networks, has launched an ambitious programme to enrol 10,000 Indian students in France by 2020. This objective has led to several developments:

  • Through a University Cooperation effort, 500 premier Indian institutes and universities are connected with French Higher education institutes to develop dynamic exchange programmes;
  • 12 Campus France offices are present all over the country to help Indian students seeking to Study in France to find the best academic or professional programme that can boost their career;
  • 500 Scholarships were offered to Indian students in 2017, a 26% jump compared to 370 scholarships in 2016;
  • Policies have been adopted giving students and alumni attractive short- long-stay visas.
  • France Alumni was launched in India in 2016 by the Embassy of France: an initiative to reunite and reconnect former students from France through a digital platform. The 1,000+ alumni already registered can have direct access to the representatives of more than 400 French companies operating in India, which seek young talent; they are also regularly reunited at Events.

University Cooperation

Developing bilateral cooperation on higher education, science, technology, research and innovation is a priority for France.

In the field of higher education, there are approximately 4,000 Indian students in France, a number that is growing swiftly. France's target is to reach the 10,000 mark by 2020.

Apart from an attractive visa policy, France carries out a twofold endeavour: support to scholarship programmes, and Indian and French institutions for developing inter-university agreements. Several agreements are currently being negotiated (academic mobility, recognition of each other's degrees), while others have been signed to encourage more Indian scholars to study in France.

Scientific and technical cooperation is another key area of our partnership, which was given a fresh impetus with the establishment of an Indo-French Commission for Scientific and Technological Cooperation. This cooperation is based on a unique structure bringing French and Indian researchers and scientists together, CEFIPRA/IFCPAR (Indo-French Centre for the Promotion of Advanced Research), which will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2018. The development of joint research laboratories in promising areas (neuroscience, chemistry); the two French Institutes in Delhi and Puducherry; the research centres and a very strong presence of French research in the private sector (10,000 to 20,000 persons) completes our presence.