A mix of devotion and passion, joy and tears, Songs of the Heart features music by French and Italian composers illustrated by poetry from the Renaissance and Baroque eras in dialogue with jewels of Indian poetry.Some lyrics are used to celebrate sacred and profane love in the Songs of Songs from theBible (in musical settings by Palestrina or Monteverdi) and in Les Amours de Ronsard (music by Anthoine de Bertrand). We also find parallels in ancient Tamil love poems or in texts by saintly women like Andal, Mira Bai or Lal Led that explore every facet of Love.

The Ensemble Akadêmia has worked with Indian artists since 2013. For this production, five singers and two instrumentalists, directed by Françoise Lasserre, will be
joined by 13 Indian singers and two actors.

Date : Sunday , 17 December 2017 
Time : 7:00 PM
Venue : Alliance Francaise de Madras

ENTRY BY REGISTRATION ONLY : Call/WhatsApp - 7338733190