The Book Office of the Institut français India / Embassy of France in India is pleased to invite Dr. S. A. Vengada Soupraya Nayagar to a grant at “Centre National du Livre” in Paris. The grant is intended for foreign translators who wish to spend time in France to accomplish a translation project of a French work into their own language, intended for publication.

Institut français India, the cultural wing of the Embassy of France in India supports Dr. Nayagar in this initiative, which constitutes a valuable contribution for the French-Indian cooperation in the field of literature

Centre National du Livre

“Le Centre National du Livre” (National Book Centre), a public institution under the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, encourages the creation and distribution of high-quality works of literature. It provides direct support to various individuals and companies working at all levels of the book industry (writers, translators, publishers, bookshops, libraries, event organisers etc.).

The CNL contributes to the distribution and outreach of French books all over the world. It provides easy and informative access to the international aid programmes available from the French Ministry of Culture and Communication for industries and professionals active in the world of books.


Dr. S. A. Vengada Soupraya Nayagar (1963), A trilingual writer and translator, has been working as Associate Professor of French in Pondicherry since 1989. He has published 7 books in Tamil and a language kit (Destination: le tamoul parlé) for learning spoken Tamil through French. He has also translated Kurunthogai and Ainkurunuru (two important anthologies of poems of Tamil ancient literature) into French. He has participated in many national and international conferences. He has published articles and translations in French, English and Tamil. He is also member of many academic boards and institutions of India and France.

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