Innovation & Multimedia

New technologies, platforms, and applications are emerging every day. They are also reshaping the audio-visual sector (film, television, animation, video games and more). Meanwhile, social and environmental innovations are also flourishing with these new tools.

Movies and Images: The Innovation & Multimedia department actively works with the French and Indian industries to imagine, create and innovative productions for movie theatres, television and also online platforms and mobile devices. This sector works to fosters collaborations in Cinema, Animation, Video Games and more.

Studies in France: Working closely with educational institutions in India and France to increase opportunities and collaborations between creative schools, the Innovation department gives advice on studying film, animation and video games in France.

Filming in France: Many incentives are given to projects to shoot but also do the post production in France. The department helps in all areas: - from location scouting, finding skilled team to help film in France, to connecting with VFX, sound mixing and other post-production work with French companies.

Creating Innovation communities Thanks to its jugaad approach, India has always been an important stakeholder in innovation. In an integrated ecosystem, technological innovation is as key as social and environmental innovations. Recently, France has seen an important emergence and transformation of start-ups and social entrepreneurs. Innovation and Multimedia department creates collaborations among these to identify, stimulate but provide a space for the Incubation and Acceleration of initiatives to better our societies.

Cinema: Movie an Images

"Photography is truth. The cinema is truth twenty-four times per second" - Jean-Luc Godard.

France is the birthplace of the technology and the art of cinema. Significant movements like the "Nouvelle Vague" influenced the field of cinema the world over. France, like India has a particularly strong film industry, partially owing to protections afforded by the government. Unlike many European countries, France has maintained a dynamic movie industry through a system of channeling a portion of box-office sales to support production costs.

The Innovation & Multimedia department actively provides French cinema a larger exposure in a vibrant Indian ecosystem with over 1,800 films produced yearly. Alliances Françaises in India (links) regularly organize screenings of French films. The department also collaborates with cultural centres, cinemas (Basursee) or festivals (links) in order to present to the Indian audience recent and innovative French films.

Finally the department actively finds new ways of screening French films in India using the new technologies like digital platforms for instance. Every year, My French Film Festival, an online Film festivals brings you in January around 20 short and feature films.

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Movies and Images: Animation

France has one of the most vibrant industries for animation. With world-renowned feature films like Kirikou, The Triplets of Belleville, Persepolis or The Little Prince and the Swiss co-production My Life as a Zucchini and also the Oscar-winning short films Logorama and internationally-sold kids TV programmes (Totally Spies, Oggy and the Cockroaches, Astérix or Calimero), French animation is very well-received all around the world. Its innovative approach in storytelling and expertise in the techniques has won the world over.

With India's incredible talents in the animation field, its numerous studios, its cinema industry and emerging animation schools, much collaboration is to be done between these two industries.

The Innovation & Multimedia department is looking at developing and strengthening partnerships and collaborations between educational institutions but also studios.

Movies and Images: Video Games

France is a forerunner in the field of video games. It has world leading companies such as UBISOFT, which for obvious reasons established a company in Pune in 2008 to great success. Since 2008, the company has grown from few members to over 700 employees today and UBISOFT India was a key player behind one of the top games "Just Dance".

France has also a vast ecosystem of smaller innovative video games companies, working with India, or looking to explore partnerships.

Finally, strong relationships also exist in the educational field of video games. Rubika (Supinfocom and Supinfo game) has established in Pune their first International Campus: DSK Rubika ( which offers various degrees in that field as well as animation.

Indian students interested in that field should also consider studying in France as other world leading institutions like Ecole des Gobelins or CNAM-ENJMIN, the first university to offer a Master's degree in Video Games

For further information visit Campus France or contact us

Filming in France

Film of Film France: YouTube :

  1. Tax Rebate for International Production (TRIP): a tailored incentive for your projects:
    From 1st January 2016, the new provisions for the international scheme include an increase in the rate from 20% to 30% for projects. And From 1st January 2017, the minimum expenses has been reduced to 250,000 euros. This reduction applies to both animated and live-action projects, including TV and web-series and feature films. French-based VFX and post-production expenditures are eligible.
  2. Shooting in France: It is easy!
    In order to ensure that the Indian producers get the best offer, Embassy of France in India and the National Film Commission along with 41 local film commissions, could assist you in location scouting, accommodation, permits, visas etc. And we could definitely find a good deal for bigger productions as well as small productions.
  3. Dedication to filmmaking and quality of the crews
    Skilled talents and highly trained crews contribute every year to the production of 250 features, as well as more than 4800 hours of television shows in France. Solutions are available to fit all budgets, at all price ranges, from big movies such as Besson's blockbuster Lucy to small-crew low-budget filmmaking.
  4. An unbelievable range of locations :
    France enjoys a breath-taking range of locations, from mountains to beaches, from deserted old volcano landscapes to idyllic coastal locations such as the Riviera or the French Alps. As for affordability, you can shoot at world famous landmarks, such near the Eiffel Tower in daylight or Notre Dame Cathedral for free! You will not be charged for shooting on the streets of Paris, as opposed to in some other capitals.
  5. State-of-the-art facilities:
    Top-level facilities, including studios, digital labs and VFX houses that have worked on major productions such as The Dark Knight, Harry Potter, Avatar, The Minions, Thor, Inception, or more recently Pablo Larrain's Jacky, filmed in one of the Paris Studios.

For more details, visit the French Film Commission website:

France production Guide :

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Films, Animation and Video Games Studies in France

France is known as the birthplace of the technology and the art of cinema. Important movements in cinema such as the Nouvelle Vague (New Wave) started here. France has always attracted artists from all over the globe and many eminent directors have been influenced by and, in return, influenced French cinema.

Cinema offers many diversified careers: actor, scriptwriter, director, cameraman, sound engineer, film editor, set designer, graphic designer, and so on—people working together to produce films. Digital technologies—computer graphics, computer-generated images, animation, 3D animation, and all its spin-offs—all have brought significant changes to the industry and to traditional teaching methods.

New fields of study and concentrations have been incorporated into film and media programs as the faculty have incorporated new technologies into the training they offer to future artists.

The availability of training in film and media is therefore sizeable and diversified, involving both traditional media and new technologies, particularly in the area of video games and animation, where many openings are available in various small French production companies.

For details please visit our Campus France website on higher education.

Innovation Community

Jugaad! India has always been such an innovative country. Civil society, NGOs, institutions and individuals are constantly finding ways to innovate and find solutions to better the society as a whole, be it socially, environmentally or economically.

As France nurtures its ecosystem with its numerous start-ups, its French tech network, its new social entrepreneurship boom, the Innovation & Multimedia department is working hard at developing a community of makers between both our countries to create tomorrow's solutions.

If you have a project, solutions, ideas and want to join this community, please contact us.

Incubation and Acceleration

The Innovation and Multimedia department works with various partners to create an ecosystem that enables social entrepreneurs to take their projects further in a sustainable way.

More details soon but if you would like to partner with us or discuss please contact us.