International Mobility

Institut français India has several programmes that encourage and facilitate international mobility of students and teachers of French in India to experience French language and culture in France. Similarly, the programmes also give support to French students and teachers to experience India. This mutual learning experience is brought forth by the following programmes:
• School exchange programmes
• Scholarship for Indian teachers
• English Language Assistants in France Programme
• French Language Tutors in India

School exchange programmes:
An important function of the French Language and Education Section (CLEF) is to act as bridge between Indian and French schools. French is a highly successful language at Indian schools; CLEF aims to actively support this popularity through school exchange programmes between France and India. The scale and the diversity of these requests have led to the establishment of blossoming partnerships throughout India and France. Read more below:

School Exchange Programmes

These academic exchanges allow the students to discover the host country's culture in every aspect, by sharing the everyday life of an Indian or a French family. This enriching experience adds a real-life dimension to the course content being taught in the school. With the help of these exchanges, the partner school or university makes itself known and learns the know-how to organize intercultural projects, to communicate with foreign colleagues and to learn new ways to make the French language classes more interesting.
The CLEF helps to develop mutual knowledge and understanding of French and Indian regions, by revealing the common and different intercultural aspects to the young public (environment, history, art, traditions, language). Several institutions are already taking part in such exchanges, in Delhi, Jaipur, Amritsar, Chennai, Pondicherry in India and Paris, Annecy, Le Havre, Orléans, Grenoble in France and many more.
You can register your school for exchange programmes at

Scholarship for Indian teachers
Every year, IFI offers scholarships to French-language teachers to obtain trainings in France. In 2016, more than 30 teachers benefitted from these scholarships to attend training sessions and workshops in France, namely at the CIEP (Centre International d'études pédagogiques) and at the University of Nantes as a part of the BELC training programme of CIEP.

Teaching English in France
English language Assistants in France programme provides a unique opportunity to discover the French language and culture first hand. By living and working in France, English language assistants improve their knowledge of the French language and culture and they share their English language skills by teaching at various positions in schools, colleges or training institutions. See more below:

Teaching English in France

Programme "English Language Assistants in France"

You have a good command of English and French. You can:
- Teach English in France.
- Attend classes in French universities.
- Discover France.

You need:
- IELTS (Academic - score 7.5+)
- B1 level of French or a B.A. French

This program of the Ministry of Education in France is managed, internationally and in India, by the International Centre for Pedagogical Studies (CIEP) and the Embassy of France in India. As part of this program, 40 to 50 Indian students are recruited as English language assistants in French public schools. The program allows these Alliance française or Indian university students to experience French language and culture, while providing their schools with their language skills and their rich culture.

The English Language Indian Assistants' stay in France covers a period of seven months, from 1 October to 30 April of the next year. Appointed to secondary and primary schools, they provide support to English-language teachers.

Applicants must:
1. Be an Indian citizen,
2. Have student status (enrolled in a university or an Alliance francaise in India)
3. Not have benefited from the "Indian English-language Assistants" program in the past,
4. Hold a bachelor's degree (or be enrolled in 3rd year)
5. Be under 35 years of age on 1 October 2016.
6. Having obtained the IELTS certificate (British Council/ IDP academic test) of English proficiency with a score above 7.5,
7. Have a good level of French: minimum certification level B1 (DELF, TCF, TEF, etc.) or have received French B.A. French Honours from an Indian University.

The programme's objectives:
1. Support English-language teaching in French public schools.
2. Linguistic and Cultural Discovery, immersion in a professional situation.
3. Getting to the pedagogical practices of the French schools, especially for language teaching; assistants must indeed be integrated in schools and build an educational tender in accordance with instructions given by their English teachers.
4. Strengthening ties and mutual understanding between French and Indian cultures.
5. Education: Assistants are advised to attend classes, insofar as their professional obligations allow, at a French university.

For more information contact Jatinder Singh at

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