Our Team

  • Dr Bertrand DE HARTINGH
    Counsellor for Education, Science and Culture
    Embassy of France in India
    Country Director - French Institute in India
  • Aruna ADICEAM
    Deputy Counsellor
    Mediation & Creation
    Deputy Counsellor
    Deputy Director Academics
    Science & Technology
  • Frédéric DUFRESNE
    Secretary General
  • Emmanuelle HOULES
    Cultural Action Head, Mumbai
  • Isabelle JAITLY
    Communication & Partnership Head
  • Emilia CARTIER
    University and Scientific Head, North India
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  • Jerome BÔVE
    University and Scientific Head, South India
  • Marie DOUBLIER
    French Language & Education Head
  • Maryline LAIDIN
    French Language Cooperation Head (Delhi)
  • Philippe GUILLIEN
    French Language & Education Head (Bombay)
  • Laetitia LOMPECH
    French Language & Education Head (Kolkata)
  • Emmanuel SAMSON
    French Language & Education Head (Chennai)
  • Romain CAMUS
    French Institute Representative, Rajasthan
    Accounts Head
  • Alice BRUNOT
    Artistic Head
  • Pierre LABURTHE
    Innovation & Multimedia Head
  • Christine CORNET
    Books & Ideas Head