Residencies at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris


The Institut Français is launching its 2019 call for applications for the residency programme to be held at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris.

Who is this programme aimed at?

The programme is addressed to artists in all artistic disciplines who wish to pursue a research project in Paris related to one of the following fields only: Environment and Sustainable Development / Art and Territories – Art in Public Space – Heritage / Textile and Innovation / Gender for a period of 3 or 6 months.

What kind of residency projects does it support?

The Institut Français would like to focus on the following themes for the 2019 residency programme:

1. Environment / Sustainable Development
In accordance with the Paris Agreement, the first universal climate agreement, the Institut Français wishes to encourage artists’ projects dedicated to ecology, climate change and the environment. In this aim, priority will be given to artistic proposals associated with institutions, NGOs, scientific bodies and researchers in France.

2. Art and Territories / Art in Public Space / Heritage
The Institut Français would like to emphasize on the link between artists and their territory. To echo the 2018 edition of the International Venice Architecture Biennale which focussed on the theme of ‘free space’, projects in the areas of architecture, heritage, urban planning, art in public areas.

3. Textile and Innovation
Artists wishing to develop projects requiring technics and/or cutting-edge technology, likely to be present in France, particularly through the fablab, biohacklab and medialab network and related to textile may apply for residency in this category.

Institut français en Inde (French Institute in India) will also pay special attention to projects whichapproach and question gender.

This residency programme is aimed at artists of all artistic disciplines: Architecture/landscape/urbanism, street arts/circus/puppets, digital arts, visual arts, comics, cinema/movies/video, curating projects, dance/performances, design, literature, youth book, fine arts and crafts, modern music and jazz, classical and contemporary music, contemporary art performances, photography, theatre, music for films and video games.

How to apply?

Applications must be submitted to INSTITUT FRANÇAIS EN INDE (French institute in India). Institut Français en Inde will examine all the applications and send its selection to the Cité Internationale des Arts and Institut Français Paris for further deliberation. In Paris, an advisory committee chaired by the Chief Executive Officer of the Institut Français, comprised of experts of the Institut Français, a representative of the French Cultural Network Abroad, the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture, National Centre of Visual Arts and Cité Internationale des Arts, will review the applications received from all over the world and proceed with the final selection. The Committee reserves the right to refuse any project without any justification. The decision of the committee will be final and binding. These decisions shall be irrevocable.


The application must be sent by email to:

The selection committee will meet at the end of September 2018.

Eligibility Criteria

The artist must:
- Already be active in his/her professional life
- Be proficient in French and/or English
- Provide proof of previous artistic work
- Be sufficiently independent to manage his/her residency
- Be free of any professional obligations throughout his/her residency period

There is no age limit.


The following documents need to be submitted for the application to be considered complete:
- A document comprising of:
o A short presentation of the project to be executed during the residency programme
o A brief professional biography of the artist
o Information on grants and residencies obtained in the past
o Contact details of the artist (postal address, email address, telephone no.)
- Links to the artist’s work available online
- Press articles (optional)

The application also needs to include the following attached documents:
- a CV
- a detailed portfolio presenting previously accomplished works
- 3 photographs with captions and copyrights
- A copy of the passport
- A signed declaration stating that the works to be presented will be original creations of the artist

If the applicant is supported by a partner organisation, he/she needs to provide a letter from the supporting institution to attest their support towards his/her project.

Selection criteria

In addition to evaluating the applicant’s professional path, particular attention shall be paid to the quality of the project, the need for a stay in Paris, the work protocol being envisaged, and the contacts established in France with artistic institutions, cultural bodies, artists, curators, critics, researchers, etc. These actors shall act in an advisory, networking and assistance capacity during and following the residency. The advisory committee will be especially attentive to the artist’s plans of pursuing the project on his return to India. The jury will also pay specific attention to the potential partners who collaborate on the artist’s project and co-found the artist’s residency.

Modalities of the residency

The Institut Français Paris will provide a studio apartment to the artist, with a workspace of a surface area of 40 m2, at the Cité Internationale des Arts, in the centre of Paris. Institut Français en Inde (French Institute in India) will cover the cost of flight tickets in economy class for the artist.

The artist will have to take care of his/her living expenses in Paris. Therefore, Institut Français en Inde (French Institute in India) advises the artist to find a partner for additional financial support. We recommend that the artist benefits from an allowance of at least 1000 € per month. The artist must hold an insurance covering the following: repatriation, hospitalization fees, medical fees and civil liability. She/he must also obtain a visa enabling him/her to stay in France for the duration of the residency. A security deposit of 500 € must also be paid by the winner or the associated partner of the project to the Cité Internationale des Arts one month prior to the date of commencement of the residency. No allowance for production will be paid by the Institut Français Paris or the Cité Internationale des Arts or Institut Français en Inde.

Dates and Period of the Stay

The period of residency shall be three (3) OR six (6) months. The winners’ residency periods must
comply with the following calendar for the year 2019 (no mid-month arrivals or departures):
- Arrival on 9 January/Departure on 4 April 2019
- Arrival on 9 April/Departure on 4 July 2019
- Arrival on 9 July/Departure on 4 October 2019
- Arrival on 9 October/Departure on 4 January 2020
- Arrival on 9 January/Departure on 4 July 2019
- Arrival on 9 July/Departure on 4 January 2020