Science & Technology Cooperation

The Section for Science & Technology of the Embassy of France in India (SST) aims to ceaselessly develop cutting-edge cooperation in science, technology and innovation between all the R&D stakeholders from France and India who share common interests. It facilitates the exchanges of students and scientists, and plays an active role in connecting the scientific communities of both the countries to enhance the development of high-value cooperation and durable partnerships.

As a unique opportunity, stakeholders from these two countries interested in collaborating together may benefit from CEFIPRA (, which provides financial incentives for organizing joint seminars and workshops, and for conducting collaborative research projects, including in public-private modes. As a part of the French Embassy in India and the French Institute in India, the SST ensures the promotion of the best opportunities offered by the French science and technology landscape in India and vice versa.

Composed of a team of eight, including two Attachés for Science and Technology respectively based in the Consulates General of Bangalore and Mumbai, the SST works actively with the two French research institutes in India: the Institut Français de Pondichéry (IFP) and the Centre de Sciences Humaines in New Delhi (CSH).

Several leading French research institutions are also represented in India:

  • The CNRS office in India, opened in February 2011 and hosted by the Science and Technology Department in New Delhi.
  • The CNES, with a representative based at the Consulate General in Bangalore;
  • The CEA, with a representative based at the Embassy of France in New Delhi.

The SST provides regular information about the opportunities offered by the two countries for cooperation in science and technology through its website: Newsletters, reports, call for proposals/candidatures and the latest news about Indo-French cooperation are also available.

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Adèle Martial-Gros,
Deputy Counsellor,
Deputy Director, Academics, Science & Technology

Dr Jérôme Bôvé
Attaché for Science and Technology, Bangalore
Tel: +91 80 22 14 12 31

Attaché for Science and Technology, Mumbai
Tel: +91 22 66 69 40 97

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