Covid- 19 Updates

COVID - 19 updates

For the past 30 years, our Publication Assistance Programme has helped to promote the translation and publication of over 25,000 works by French and francophone authors in 75 different countries. This Programme supports publishers throughout the world who wish to add francophone authors, thinkers, intellectuals in their catalogues via translations – to any Indian languages including English.

These programmes have been a major tool of development of influence of French literature and though around the globe.

 The situation in France has improved a lot and we are careful of a second wave of COVID-19, but very soon we are going to issue visas again. Right now, we advise you to prepare everything for your applications, and once the visa opens again, we will let you know on this page. Students enrolled in a French school or university will be given priority.

 As of today, the programme stands confirmed and Indian Assistants selected are expected to be able to travel to France in October as planned