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The French Institute works towards establishing regular and visible exchanges between artists, creators, students and cultural professionals. It encourages a long-term dialogue between India and France by focusing on partnership, creation, innovation and transmission and strives to promote an open mindset of culture at the heart of human exchanges as well as being a creator of values, a vector of innovation.

Every creator has a space he belongs to, away from his usual environment and obligations. A creative residency allows for a safe space for encounters, disruption, co-creation and co-production, immersion in a new ecosystem. Are you a French artist aspiring to explore your own practice within a community in India? Or an Indian artist wishing to experiment with new tools and techniques in France, discover the array of residencies available for new creations.

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Encouraging the mobility of professionals between France and India allows to develop exchanges that will transform into lasting collaborations between the two countries. The French Institute in India actively works along these lines through different mediums, such as: accompanying public and private actors in their better understanding of the mutual artistic contexts and proposing training programmes adapted to the needs and demands of artists and professionals.

The diversity and uniqueness of Art and Architecture Schools are the wealth of the French system and its history. France sets the international standard in the fields of art and culture, in part because the country has always strived for creative excellence in all of the arts: architecture, fashion, design, the visual and graphic arts, film, and even comic art and graphic novels.
The nation’s privileged position rests on a strong artistic tradition that is expressed both in public access to art and culture and in the presence of a network of educational institutions that offer a great array of training programmes in art. Find out more about programmes and scholarships

The Malraux seminar on culture and its practice in urban spaces, was an Indo-French professional symposium on public policies and cultural practices, organised in collaboration with the French Ministry of Culture. In Delhi, on 26-27 September, 2019 it brought together experts and stakeholders, from artists, to thinkers, to government officials on a single platform.


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Accompanying major artistic and cultural moments in the Indian calendar always plays an instrumental role in increasing visibility of the artist, whether Indian or French. It allows both Indian and French actors room for interaction and creative exchange.





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80 years of Alliance Française in Bengal

80 years of Alliance Française in Bengal

15 September 2020
Online talk show with Karthika Nair, Joëlle Jolivet and Bijal Vachharajani to celebrate the occasion. theme: Folk Tales and Ecology. Date: 25 September.