Indian Rock Art – online Conference

Introduction to Indian Rock Art

Online Conference with Dr Meenakshi Dubey, Stephane Kowalczyk and Dr Jean Clottes

Within the framework of “La Francophonie”, a day dedicated to the French language and speakers, the French Institute in India is organizing a conference with the renowned pre-historian and archaeologist, Dr. Meenakshi Dubey-Pathak. This conference addresses her research for years on the painted sites of central India and her collaborative work with the famous French prehistorian, Dr. Jean Clottes.

Date: March 18th at 7:30 P.M. (IST) / 3 P.M. (CET).

Indian Rock Art


  • 2 min – General introduction
  • 30 min – Presentation of Dr. Dubey (in English with French subtitles)
  • 10 min – Video on Jean Clottes and Dr. Dubey’s work
  • 5 min – Stéphane talking about his work as videos with Jean Clottes et Dr Dubey

About Dr. Meenakshi Dubey-Pathak:

She is a Wakankar Senior Research Fellow. During her many years of fieldwork, she discovered dozens of new painted sites, mostly in Madhya Pradesh (particularly in the Pachmarhi area about which she did her Ph.D.), but also in the different states, such as Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, and Ladakh.

She was awarded the high honor of ‘Chevalier des Arts et Lettres’ -Knight in the National Order of Arts and Letters- by the French Minister of Culture and Communication in 2014.
She is an International Expert member for rock art with ICOMOS and UNESCO, and she is a member of the Bradshaw Foundation Advisory Board (England) and Rock Art Network, Getty Foundation (USA).

She has devoted nearly thirty years of her life to the discovery, study, publications, exhibitions, workshops, and protection of Indian rock art. She is the woman conducting researches and studies on this topic in India. Her scientific concerns are now mostly related to prehistoric rock art, in particular to its preservation and recording.

She has published more than 70 papers and notably three books, in collaboration with Jean Clottes: “Des Images pour les Dieux. Art rupestre et Art tribal dans le Centre de l’Inde” in 2013, “Powerful Images. Rock Art and Tribal Art of Chhattisgarh” in 2017 and “Madhya Pradesh Rock Art and Tribal Art” with Jean Clottes, currently in print.

About Dr. Jean Clottes:

Dr. Dubey collaborated a lot with Jean Clottes, one of the most prominent French prehistorians. He was born in the French Pyrenees in 1933 and studied at Toulouse University, where he earned his Ph.D. in 1975.

He was appointed Director of Prehistoric Antiquities for Midi-Pyrénées in 1971. This area is one of the richest and most famous in France for prehistoric studies and in particular for prehistoric painted cave art. He led excavations on Early Paleolithic, Upper Paleolithic, and several Neolithic and Bronze Age sites in the region.

In 1992, he was appointed General Inspector for Archaeology at the French Ministry of Culture and in 1993 became Scientific Advisor at the same Ministry for prehistoric rock art, a position he held until retiring in 1999.

Dr. Clottes is a member of numerous French and international archaeological councils, commissions, and societies. He has organized a number of national and international conferences on prehistoric art and has taught at Toulouse University and as a visiting professor at UC Berkeley.

He is widely known for leading the scientific research at Chauvet Cave, the site of the oldest known European cave art, and he heads the committee working to protect the rock art there when it opens to the public in 2005.

He is the editor of the International Newsletter on Rock Art (distributed to 106 countries) and has published over 300 scientific articles and written/edited 18 books.