10 Indo-French Agreements Inked During Knowledge Summit 2

Ten agreements for further academic cooperation between Indian and French Institutions were inked during the Knowledge Summit 2, which took place in Lyon, France on 17 and 18 October, 2019. These agreements and their signatories are as follows:

  • Creation of an Indo French Alliance of Higher Education Institutions

This MoU is the first of its kind and its spectrum because it acts the creation of a consortium of Indian and French institutions. It is starting with 9 members 5 French and 4 Indian. It will operate with an executive board, an general secretary and operates on its own budget from fees from the members. It will finance exchange program, scholarships and seminars

French Signatories

IMT Albi Mines
INP Toulouse

Polytech Nantes
Polytech Orleans


Alliance Francaise Chandigarh / Delhi


Indian Signatories


Mody University

Jaipuria Institute of Management



  •  MoU between Dassault Skill Academy – College of Engineering Pune 

Dassault Aviation through the Dassault Skill Academy is entering into a long term partnership with the College of Engineering of Pune, with the launch of a first “Network of Excellence” on “Aeronautical integrated design, from engineering to maintenance”. The “Curriculum of Excellence” that will be implemented will prepare students to the aeronautical challenges of India, with a “French touch” acquired through academic semesters at Dassault Aviation academic partners in France such as ISAE-ENSMA and ESTIA and internships at Dassault Aviation.


French Signatory

Dassault Skill Academy


Indian Signatory

College of Engineering Pune


  • MoU between SPA Delhi – ENSA Paris Belleville

Exchange of information; conduct cultural projects; collaborative research including joint surveys, fieldwork, analysis, publications; conduct study tours


French Signatory

ENSA Paris Belleville


Indian Signatory

SPA Delhi



  • MoU between University of Calcutta – Institut of Planetology and Astrophysics from Grenoble (IPAG)

This MoU is about Collaborative Research; Faculty and Student Mobility; Sharing of Scientific Information and other type of Academic Collaborations


French Signatory

French : Institut de Planetologie et d’Astrophysique de Grenoble (IPAG)


Indian Signatory

Indian:  University of Calcutta



  • MoU between International School of Engineering (INSOFE) et Rennes School of Business

This MoU aims to Develop joined degree programmes and acts the creation of the Lab for Artificial Intelligence Solutions in Education Business (LAISEB)

French Signatory

Rennes School of Business


Indian Signatory

International School of Engineering (INSOFE)


  • MoU between Réseau Figure- Bits Pilani

This MoU is one of 3 MoUs the Réseau Figure has signed with Indian institutions (VIT, MAHE). It deals with mobility of students for internship in laboratories at the level of Master of Engineering for French students and Bachelors and Master for Indian students


French Signatory

Réseau Figure


Indian Signatory

Indian:  Bits Pilani



  • MoU between VJTI Mumbai and IMT Atlantique

This MoU aims for exchange of researchers, students and scientific and technological information

As well as the promotion of Joint research projects


French Signatory

IMT Atlantique


Indian Signatory

VJTI Mumbai



  • MoU between ISAE-ENSMA – College of Engineering Pune 

COEP and ISAE-ENSMA have agreed about the following main principles of cooperation:

Academic exchange, short-term and long-term internships for students and postgraduates; scientific cooperation and exchange of experience in new methods of education.


French Signatory



Indian Signatory

College of Engineering Pune



  • MoU between IIT Indore- Toulouse INP

Exchange of faculty and research scholars; Implementation of a hybrid online learning model for graduate training; Exchange of materials in education and research, publications and academic information; Joint research and meetings for education and research


French Signatory

Toulouse INP


Indian Signatory

Indian:  IIT Indore



  • MoU between CEPT Ahmedabad – ENSA Toulouse


French Signatory

ENSA Toulouse


Indian Signatory

CEPT Ahmedabad