Cafe with a French

Cafe with a French: Edition 5

We are back with another edition of the Cafe with a French: Edition 5

Date: 7 November 2020

Time: 6:00 pm onwards

This Saturday we are thrilled to have with us, Mme. Aline Roser, animal rights and vegan activist, who is also an entrepreneur who has launched her very own cloud kitchen for vegan, cruelty-free cuisine in Jaipur called “Karma Kitchen”.

Aline is passionate about animal rights and almost obsessed with every little furry, feathering, pawed, the hooved creature on this planet! I am sure all of us, at some point, have had a cuteness overload at the photo of a puppy or a kitten.

But, interestingly, this session will be a chance for us to learn from Aline on what really are some rights for animals in India, what it means to the ecology and environment around us, what makes veganism a choice for some of us and how they support animals and the environment around us.

This is open for ALL event, and we welcome you all, to the session titled “Bonjour les animaux”

As with every Cafe with a French, we would love to give all of you a chance to speak, this is your unique learning opportunity and to practice your French outside of class, so take that time to prepare and come to the session with questions, ideas, thoughts and some cool filmy moments.

Link to Google Meet.