Dominique Sigaud at The Media Rumble 2019

2nd August to 3rd August 2019

Media Rumble 2019 at Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi

The Media Rumble is a specially-curated two-day news forum that features panel discussions, film screenings, talks, interviews, workshops and exclusive masterclasses.

This year’s edition saw award winning journalist, essayist and writer Dominique Sigaud  participate in a panel discussion on ‘Agents Provocateurs: Media’s Role in Instigating Social Conflict.’ ‘Is primetime hysteria on TV news justifying violent acts by vigilantes or even worse, is it fueling them?

She also held a seminar on the release of her upcoming book titled ‘La Malédiction d’être une fille’  or ‘The Curse of Being a Girl’, an investigation into the contemporary issues that universally affect women.

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