Book Launch of ‘Indian Chronicles’ by Marguerite de Bure

Book Launch of ‘Indian Chronicles’ by Marguerite de Bure

The French Institute in India, in collaboration with Oxford Bookstore and Sanbun Publishers, organised a webinar around the launch of the English translation of the book, Chroniques Indiennes / Indian Chronicles: Letters from a French Woman in Bombay (1902-1904) by Marguerite de Bure.

The texts have been collected by the descendants of the author, Marie-Anne and Laurence Merland and translated by Elsa S Mathews. The book has been published by Sanbun Publishers under the PAP Tagore programme.

Indian Chronicles - French Translation Book Launch

The book presents an account of a French woman in Bombay at the beginning of the 20th century. It was first published in French in 2007 and comprises of letters collected and presented by Marie-Anne and Laurence Merland.

It also features photos and postcards from Marguerite’s own collection and engravings drawn from L’Inde des Rajahs (India of the Kings) written by her uncle Louis Rousselet. It was printed in France on digital rotary printer in the workshop of the Imprimerie Nouvelle Firmin Didot, Le Mesnil-sur-l’Estrée, France.

Webinars on French Travellers in India

The hour-long session will take you back in time into another century and examine the relationship with India, and especially Bombay, of a French family. You will learn directly from the descendants of writer-chronicler about how they came upon the letters Questions à Marie-Anne Merland. It will also acquaint you with the free-spirited persona of a French woman in an Indian city a hundred years ago. Part epistolary, part chronicle, the book is an insight into a city, a society, a woman. 

Starting October 2020, the French Institute in India will organise a series of 4 annual webinars on French travellers in India. The first in this series will focus on history and photography in India with Bordeaux City and the Goupil Museum. Schedules will be shortly announced.

PAP Tagore

The Tagore Publication Assistance Programme (PAP Tagore) supports Indian publishers who wish to publish a French book translated into any Indian language. Since 1990, the Publication Assistance Programme has enabled the translation and publication of over 22,000 titles by French language writers in 75 countries. These programmes have been a major tool of development of influence of French literature around the globe. PAP Tagore includes two types of support: publication grants issued to foreign publishers (which are administrated by the French cultural network abroad) and rights purchases (for which grants are provided by the Institut Français in Paris).

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