Sylvain Gagnier at Rajasthan University

Theatre Workshop: Sylvain Gagnier at Rajasthan University

IFI Jaipur, in association with Rajasthan University, Department of European and Romance Languages, is organising a first of its kind online workshop on theatre, music, movement and body language.

As a part of the specialised series of thematic webinars organised by IFI Jaipur, “Learning French through theatre: La performance et la langue à travers des contes et de la musique” will be designed and delivered by French performance artist and storyteller Sylvain Gagnier and will be moderated by Dr. Nidhi Raisinghani, director, department of European and Romance languages, University of Rajasthan.

Sylvain Gagnier, French storyteller and performance artists who draw inspiration from traditional tales and folklores of the orient. His performance is imbued with elements of music, story, voice, body language and puppetry.

Sylvain is associated with the Théâtre du Fil, the Compagnie Atelier de l’Orage, the Compagnie Ucorne, and the Théâtre Chaoué. He received the Public Prize in the Nouvelles Ondes Festival, Pantin in 2017 for his show « Translation » adapted from the eponymous story by Nicolas Bouvier.

Sylvain Gagnier performed in India in Oct 2019. His previous atelier for young learners of French was based on stories of Panchatantra and le fable de la Fontaine. Il etait une fois was performed at IFI Jaipur and Neerja Modi School on Oct 1 and Oct 3 respectively. A special workshop was also organised for teachers of French in order to illustrate the use of stories and voice for teaching the language.

In this workshop, Sylvain will work with selected texts from Antigone to La Cigale et la fourmi, to understand text and rhythm and to illustrate the use of voice, music, and language for the young students of French literature at the university.

Event details:

Date: 11 September 2020, 14h IST
Open to students of French language at Rajasthan University and IFI Jaipur
Free registration, participation via invitation only.