Indo French Campus / Partnerships

Many French companies operating in India have established high-level research centers which are an integral part of the Indo-French science and technology cooperation landscape. More than 25 R&D centers of French companies are disseminated over India covering a wide range of domains. Some companies do not have so-called R&D centers but carry out research activities in collaboration with Indian institution or plan to do it.

Created in 2012 on the initiative of the Service for Science and Technology of the French Embassy, the R&D Club gathers 60 members who may share their experiences and best practices, discuss difficulties and solutions and explore the opportunities of cooperation with Indian stakeholders in science & technology. Several topics of common interest are regularly debated as for instance the establishment of public-private partnership, the needs of skilled human resources, the intellectual property rules, the funding of Indo-French collaborative research, the tax system in India and many other shared concerns.

This Club also offers an opportunity to interact with the Sector for Science, Technology and Academic Affairs, as well as with other services from the French Embassy (mainly the economic and business services), about the existing tools dedicated to the Indo-French cooperation in science and technology, including training and mobility of students or skill and professional developments, and to explore any new ways of cooperation in research and innovation.

Three to four meetings are organized per year, either hosted by an Indian academic institution or by one of the Industry member. Fourteen meetings have already taken place so far, the three last ones:
– At the French Embassy in Delhi (June 2016), for a session mainly dedicated to the Intellectual property rights ;
– At Loyola ICAM College of Engineering and Technology (LICET) in Chennai (March 2017) ;
– At Michelin India’s Research and Development Laboratory in Manesar, Haryana (June 2017);
– At IIT Kharagpur in Kharagpur and Calcutta (April 2018)