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Learn more about our intitiatives to promote Indo-French publishing and translation.

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The development of intellectual exchanges brings debates into political life in the broadest sense. The first action involves a constant presence of French thinkers at literary festivals in India, which are forums for opinion and for the exchange and engagement of intellectuals in public debate. The multiplicity of festivals implies an increase in our presence throughout the country.

New formats are therefore being strengthened, such as Café Philo, which brings together philosophers, public intellectuals, writers, artists and experts around a common theme and connected throughout the network.

A partnership with the Collège de France to create an itinerant Chair of the Collège at the best Indian academic institutions completes these actions and aims at both exchange and academic training.

The main objective of this strategy for debates is to increase the quality and quantity of exchanges between actors on global and transdisciplinary subjects, in a logic of dialogue and cross perspectives. Debates must guarantee France a central position in an Indian publishing and intellectual sector that is favored both by the English language and the richness of Indian languages.

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The Romain Rolland Book Prize aims at awarding the best translation of a French title (Francophone countries) into any Indian language, including English. The Indo-French jury takes into account the qualities of the translation from French to Indian languages to identify the best translation in terms of language and publication. The prize aims at encouraging and awarding the efforts made by Indian publishers to bring the best of Francophone literature and thought, in all its diversity, to the Indian readership.

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Started in 1990, the Publication Assistance Programme has enabled over 22 000 titles by French language writers to be translated and published in 75 countries. These programmes have been a major tool of development of influence of French literature and though around the globe. The provisions of this programme have benefited foreign publishers willing to add French language writers in their catalogue via translation (or in certain cases local editions in French).

The Programme in India, called Tagore Publication Assistance Programme (PAP Tagore), is a support programme for Indian publishers who wish to publish a French book translated into English or into any Indian language.


The objective of this training programme is to encourage translators to translate from French to Indian languages and vice versa. This programme thus aims at giving young translators at the beginning of their careers the opportunity to work with other more experienced translators and to gain a better understanding of the translation and publishing landscape in both countries. It is supported by the richness of the Alliance française network and the French departments of partner universities.


Three young active Indian publishers will benefit from theoretical and professional training in the French publishing network.
On their return to India, they will form a network of actors sharing common references and professional experience, which will integrate them into the Franco-Indian publishing system

French Book Office in India
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The Rights Catalogue presents a selection of French and Indian titles in fiction, non-fiction, children’s books and comic / graphic novels. The aim is to consolidate Indo-French cooperation in publishing.

French and Indian publishers and translators have a wide range of titles to choose from, with publication rights available for their respective languages.

This 2020-2021 catalogue presents new releases on the below themes:
Women Empowerment
Nature & Environment
Augmented Humanity & Artificial Intelligence.

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The night is for reflection. For imagination. The Night of Ideas is for everyone, from the man in the street to the scholar.

The Night of Ideas is an annual event dedicated to the free circulation of ideas and knowledge, and coordinated by the Institut Français. The 6th edition will be held on Thursday, 28 January 2021 on the theme « Close(r) ».

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will question the renewal of our individual and collective relationship to space & time, the new solidarities and the evolution of our relationship with others.

Press release for 2021 edition: “Closer in Space & Time

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For more information on our actions, please contact:

Dr Christine Cornet, Books, Debates & Ideas Attaché

Victoria Dobritz, Books, Debates & Ideas Deputy Attaché

Akriti Ahluwalia, Project Coordinator (Ideas and Debates)

Sumit Kumar, Project Coordinator (PAP Tagore)

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80 years of Alliance Française in Bengal

80 years of Alliance Française in Bengal

Online talk show with Karthika Nair, Joëlle Jolivet and Bijal Vachharajani to celebrate the occasion. theme: Folk Tales and Ecology. Date: 25 September.
Pasteur, Life, Death & Beyond

Pasteur, Life, Death & Beyond

Book launch of the Tamil translation of Pasteur: La vie, la mort, la vie by Erik Orsenna. Conversation with Erik Orsenna, Srini V. Kavery (Director, CNRS office in India), Jaya Bhattacharji Rose (journalist), Amutharasan Paulraj (publisher) moderated by Christine Cornet.