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The French Ministry of Education certifies French language proficiency of non French native speakers with 2 diplomas:

  • DELF: Diplôme d’études en langue française (French Language Studies Diploma)
  • DALF: Diplôme approfondi en langue française (Advanced French Language Diploma).

Why giving DELF or DALF exam ?

    • A WORLDWIDE recognized diploma
    • valid for LIFETIME.
    • Proves the QUALITY of your Education in French
    • Proves that you can COMMUNICATE effectively in French
    • Sometimes REQUIRED to travel, study, work or live in a French speaking country
    • Useful to prove your French expertise in India, for example for a job application!

we facilitate

Six Independent Diplomas:

  • Delf A1 – Beginner user – Breakthrough
  • Delf A2 – Beginner user – Waystage
  • Delf B1 – Independent user – threshold
  • Delf B2 – Independent user – Vantage – required to study in a French taught programme in a French university
  • Delf C1 – Proficient user – effective operational
  • Delf C2 – Proficient user – Mastery

A diploma for everyone !

  • DELF PRIM from 7 years old (primary school)
  • DELF Junior from 11  to 17 years old (secondary and higher secondary school)
  • DELF DALF Tout Public from 18 years old (adults)

Four skills assessed:  

  •  Oral understanding
  •  Written understanding
  •  Oral expression
  •  Written expression

Learn French in Jaipur

Alliance françaises network


IFI Jaipur (Institut Français in India, Jaipur annexe) and the network of Alliances Françaises in India are officially recognized by the Embassy of France in India for DELF-DALF examinations.

View the local Alliances Françaises all over India: Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bengale, Bhopal, Bombay, Chandigarh, Delhi, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Madras, Panjim-Goa, Pondicherry, Pune, Trivandrum.      

Alliances Françaises Map View.

Prepare your exam:

TCF and TEF are official tests. They assess your level of french language at a point in time. Many apply for this test for immigration purposes (France, Canada, Québec), for French citizenship or to study in France.

To choose the right test and to know the next dates of exam session, contact your nearest Alliance Française or IFI Jaipur.


TCF: Test de Connaissance du Français or French language proficiency testing.

Provided by: French Ministry of Education

Validity: 2 years

—   —   —



TEF: Test d’Evaluation du Français

Provided by:  CCIP (Chambre de Commerce et de l’Industrie de Paris)

Validity: 2 years

                                                         Prepare your TEF exam here.


Ev@lang is a modern, reliable assessment tool designed to test candidates’ French language skills. This 100% online test is designed to assess your French language skills accurately and quickly (35 minutes maximum).

It is available on any type of device. With Ev@lang you get an accurate assessment of your French language ability as soon as the test has been completed.

Price: Rs 530/- only.

For more information on French language certifications please contact:

Ms Maryline LAIDIN
French Language Attachée – Northern Region

Upcoming exams - DELF-DALF 2020 calendar

Update (30/09/2020): DELF exams are resuming in a phased manner. Only Kolkata exam center has sessions planned in October, primarily for students which were enrolled in March. For November and December exams, Alliances Françaises and IFI Jaipur are progressively scheduling exams as local sanitary situation permit. Given the constraints, only a limited number of candidates will be entertained for each session.

Please check with your nearest DELF / DALF Exam center in India (see center details above) which levels are available.

Session Exam Type Exam Dates Registration dates



DELF A1 : 07 December 2020
DELF A2 : 08 December 2020
DELF B1 : 09 December 2020
DELF B2 : 10 December 2020
DALF C1: 11 December 2020
DALF C2: 12 December 2020

From 5th October to 10th November 2020



DELF A1 : 11 December 2020
DELF A2 : 10 December 2020
DELF B1 : 09 December 2020
DELF B2 : 08 December 2020

From 5th October to 10th November 2020



DELF A1.1 : 09 December 2020
DELF A2 : 10 December 2020
DELF A1 : 11 December 2020

From 14th September to 28th October 2020

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