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concours d'affiches francophonie

Poster Making Contest 2021

This poster design competition, organised by Institut Français India, is an educational event aimed at promoting French by associating this competition with the French Ministry of Culture’s “Dis-moi 10 mots” programme, as part of the Celebration of Francophonie in March.

The 2020-21 theme on “air” raises awareness among students of Indian schools of the richness of the French language by motivating them to associate it with one of the important subjects of quality of life that has been at core of articles and reports by the Media and Governments throughout 2020.



  • Discovery of the theme, of the lexicon, French language and Francophonie.
  • Awareness about air – as a natural resource, a common asset, its preservation, its quality, its importance in the quality of life.
  • Creativity draw/make/paint posters using different techniques 

10 words




                  chambre à air                       


of this contest

éolien                                  foehn






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Contest Activity

This competition consists of creating a poster on the theme of one or more of the 10 proposed words with a reference to the francophone world.


Zone: National competition
Students: Students enrolled in classes 5 to 8

    • Indian schools affiliated to one of the Central, State and International Boards.
    • Indian schools affiliated to France Education.
    • French high schools in India (Lycées Français).

Participation in this contest

    • is completely free for schools / pupils.
    • is open to the schools listed above.
    • is open to schools and individuals who adhere to the rules mentioned in this document

Technical Criteria

  • Paper for poster making: Thick drawing paper (minimum 125 g)
  • Paper size:  A3
  • Paper orientation: Portrait
  • Artwork: Handmade drawing/painting only on one side. (Double-sided posters will be eliminated)
  • Art techniques permitted: Pencil work, ballpoint pen, feather, felt-tip pen, colored ink, gouache, watercolor, collage, oil paint
  • Submission of artworks: Scans (in PNG format in high resolution) of the works must be uploaded in the form link that the registered candidates will receive. 
  • Production cost: All production material (color, paper and other) is the responsibility of the participant.
  • Are not permitted: Plagiarism of published posters, illustration books, digital creations. Any work, outside format will be eliminated

Instruction for Art Work

Create a poster in accordance to the following guidelines:

    • One or more of the 10 words of the 2020-21 edition should be easily identified in the poster.
    • Production must be individual.
    • A maximum of 3 individual productions per school will be accepted.
    • A reference to Francophonie that can easily be spotted in the poster will be particularly appreciated (not compulsory but will lead to a bonus by the jury).
    • A creator corner on the poster indicating candidate’s name, his/her enrollment class and his/her school’s name.

Selection of best Art Work

A jury will shortlist 20 best posters out of which 3 best posters will be selected.

The jury will comprise of representatives of :

    • IATF (Indian Association of Teachers of French)
    • Alliance Française de Delhi
    • Lycée Français de Delhi, Arts and crafts teacher
    • Indian school, Arts and crafts teacher
    • Indian Publisher
    • Institut Français India


The best acclaimed students and their art works will be felicitated during an online event where all the shortlisted 20 art works will be displayed.

The 20 shortlisted posters will also be exhibited in large format at Alliance Française de Delhi and/or Institut Français India. This exhibition may also be circulated in the Alliance Française network in India.

Regulatory Framework

Coordinator Teacher

Schools have to appoint a coordinator teachers who will be in-charge and ensure

    • shortlisting the entries which will be sent for participation in the contest.
    • the adherence of the rules of the contest by the candidates


The participants grant all copyrights free of charge to Institut Français India, without compensation and for an indefinite period, the right of distribution and non-commercial reproduction of their art works (exhibitions, album productions, websites, social networks, etc.). The copyright transfer takes effect on the date of publication of the results.

Force Majeure

Institut Français India reserves the right to shorten, extend, modify or cancel this contest if circumstances so require or in the event of force majeure. It can not be held responsible in these cases.


The simple fact of participating in the competition implies unreserved acceptance of the rules mentioned in this document in their entirety. Any inaccurate or false declaration, any fraud will result in the disqualification of the participant.

Poster making contest 2021

For any query, please contact:

Mr Jatinder SINGH