Knowledge Summit 2


Knowledge Summit 2

The 2nd edition of the Indo-French Knowledge Summit was dedicated to Higher Education, Research and Innovation. It took place in October 2019 at the Université de Lyon in France. The Summit was organised by the Embassy of France in India, in partnership with the Université de Lyon, Campus France and emlyon business school, on the French side, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) on the Indian side. The event was inaugurated by Mrs Frédérique Vidal, Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation of France in presence of H. E. Mr. Vinay Mohan Kwatra, Ambassador of India to France.
Knowledge Summit 2.0 Grand Amphi de Lyon – 17 Octobre 2019

The first edition of Knowledge Summit was held in March 2018. It was organized on the occasion of the State visit of the President of the Republic in India and inaugurated by Mrs. Frédérique Vidal, Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. It helped establish the roadmap for Franco-Indian cooperation for the coming years, in partnership with companies.

The second edition of Knowledge Summit was held in Lyon on 17th and 18th October, 2019. The 3rd one is expected to take place in Pune in March, 2021.

The objective of the Knowledge Summit is be to strengthen the French-Indian network of establishments leading in academic and scientific cooperation. It involves a series of interactive sessions, allowing participants to deepen scientific and academic cooperation between our two countries and launch concrete initiatives in priority areas such as:

  • Aeronautics & Space
  • Agriculture & Food Processing
  • Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & Mathematics
  • Eco-Energy & Renewable Energy
  • Marine Sciences
  • Smart Cities: Electric Mobility & Transport
  • Smart Cities: Urban Planning & Architecture
  • Strengthening Employability & Entrepreneurship
  • Valorisation of Natural Resources from Plants

“We Want More Indian Students in France”, Vidal says.

The two-day summit involves plenary sessions as well as parallel thematic sessions, focusing on the needs shared by India and France to address common global issues.

As a prelude to the second Knowledge Summit, thematic visits were organised to different technological hubs in different cities of France. These took place from 14 to 16 October 2019, as follows –

  • Rennes – Artificial Intelligence
  • Toulouse – Aeronautics
  • Bordeaux – Artificial Intelligence & Valorisation of Natural Resources from Plants
  • Brest – Marine Sciences
  • Chambery – Renewable Energy
  • Lyon – Innovation              

  1. Creation of an Indo French Alliance of Higher Education Institutions

This MoU is the first of its kind as it will enable the creation of a consortium of Indian and French institutions. It will operate with an executive board, a general secretary and its own budget obtained from member fees. It will finance exchange programmes, scholarships and seminars.

French Signatories

  • IMT Albi Mines
  • INP Toulouse
  • Polytech Nantes
  • Polytech Orleans
  • N+I

Indian Signatories

  • UPES
  • Mody University
  • Jaipuria Institute of Management
  • VIT

 2. MoU between Dassault Skill Academy – College of Engineering Pune 

Dassault Aviation through the Dassault Skill Academy is entering into a long term partnership with the College of Engineering of Pune. This also marks the launch of a first ‘Network of Excellence’ on ‘Aeronautical integrated design: from engineering to maintenance’. The ‘Curriculum of Excellence’ that will be implemented will prepare students for the aeronautical challenges of India. The ‘French touch’ will include academic semesters with Dassault Aviation partners in France, such as ISAE-ENSMA and ESTIA, as well as internships at Dassault Aviation.

French Signatory

  • Dassault Skill Academy

Indian Signatory

  • College of Engineering, Pune

3. MoU between SPA Delhi – ENSA Paris Belleville

This MoU includes the exchange of information, joint cultural projects, as well as collaborative research such as: joint surveys, fieldwork, analysis, publications, and study tours.

French Signatory

  • ENSA Paris Belleville

Indian Signatory

  • SPA Delhi

4. MoU between University of Calcutta – Institut of Planetology and Astrophysics from Grenoble (IPAG)

This MoU is about Collaborative Research; Faculty and Student Mobility; Sharing of Scientific Information and other type of Academic Collaborations

French Signatory

  • French : Institut de Planetologie et d’Astrophysique de Grenoble (IPAG)

 Indian Signatory

  • Indian:  University of Calcutta

5. MoU between International School of Engineering (INSOFE) et Rennes School of Business

This MoU aims to develop joined degree programmes and will enable the creation of the Lab for Artificial Intelligence Solutions in Education Business (LAISEB).

French Signatory

  • Rennes School of Business

Indian Signatory

 International School of Engineering (INSOFE)

6. MoU between Réseau Figure – Bits Pilani

This MoU is one of 3 MoUs the Réseau Figure has signed with Indian institutions. It enables the mobility of French Master of Engineering students and Indian Bachelor and Master students, via the facilitation of lab internships.

French Signatory

  • Réseau Figure

Indian Signatory

  • Indian:  Bits Pilani

7. MoU between VJTI Mumbai – IMT Atlantique

This MoU will allow exchange programmes for researchers and students, but also scientific and technological information. It will also promote of joint research projects.

French Signatory

  • IMT Atlantique

Indian Signatory

  • VJTI Mumbai

8. MoU between ISAE-ENSMA – College of Engineering Pune 

COEP and ISAE-ENSMA agreed on the following main principles: academic exchange, short-term and long-term internships for students, scientific cooperation and exchanges in new methods of education.

French Signatory


Indian Signatory

  • College of Engineering Pune 

9. MoU between IIT Indore- Toulouse INP

This MoU aims is for the exchange of academic faculty members and research scholars, the implementation of a hybrid online learning model for graduate training, the exchange of materials in education and research, publications and academic information, as well as joint research and meetings in education and research. 

French Signatory

  • Toulouse INP

Indian Signatory

  • Indian:  IIT Indore

10. MoU between CEPT Ahmedabad – ENSA Toulouse

This MoU seeks to broaden the scope of academic curricula and to provide a unique learning experience in an overseas, culturally distinct environment to students. The goals of the programme are: to promote scholarly activities; to foster mutual understanding in areas of academic interest; to gain better understanding of the teaching process and teaching philosophy in the field of architecture in both countries; and to facilitate broader cross-cultural links among students from both countries. 

French Signatory

  • ENSA Toulouse

Indian Signatory

  • CEPT Ahmedabad
Knowledge Summit 2.0 Grand Amphi de Lyon – 17 Octobre 2019

The first plenary session highlighted the ‘Bienvenue en France’ (Welcome to France) scheme newly introduced by the Government of France in order to welcome more students in France. From 10,000 this year, the new target set by the two governments is for France to welcome 20,000 Indian students by 2025.

The second plenary session was dedicated to new models of Franco-Indian partnerships and financial mobilisation. It highlighted projects such as the one developed by XAVIER EMLYON Business School in Bhubaneswar or the recent agreement for a degree to be jointly delivered by the Université of Paris 1 Sorbonne and the University of Pondicherry. Ten agreements were inked between French and Indian institutions during the summit.



  • Aeronautics – Prof. Roland Fortunier, Director, ISAE-ENSMA
  • Space Dr. Ugur Guven, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES)

Participants: 23 participants from 7 Indian Institutions, 12 French Institutions, and 4 companies.

  • In Aeronautics, several technical points were discussed by the participants, and a broader reflection was done on minimizing the environmental impact of the sector.
  • In Space, technical aspects such as access to space, key technologies in propulsion, and having a “non-negative” impact on climate change, were among the matters addressed.



  • Jean-Francois Soussana, International Research Policy, INRA
  • Girish G. Sohani, President, BAIF

Participants: 33 participants from 13 Indian Institutions, 10 French Institutions, and 3 companies.

  • The round table on Agriculture and Food Processing focused on strengthening education through digital means, and application in the IALs and living lab.
  • Fuelled by research presentations, participants shared ideas on future Indo-French collaborative research, which will improve sustainability and benefits for the consumers, using the strength of the best Institutions of both the countries and including the private sector.



  • Sanghamitra Bandhopadhyay, Director, Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi
  • Yann Busnel, IMT Atlantique
  • Pascal Weil, LaBRI, Université de Bordeaux

Participants: 64 participants from 24 Indian Institutions, 22 French Institutions, and 8 companies.

  • The discussions focused on the construction of international and open data sets, which will pave the way for sharing protocols and regulation, and will be the core of the Artificial Intelligence research projects in the near future.
  • Also, the need to create an Indo-French cluster was underlined, to facilitate the creation of a virtuous circle of academic and industrial partnerships.



  • Pascal Maussion, Vice President, International Affairs, Toulouse INP
  • Zakir Rather, Faculty, IIT Bombay

Participants: 23 participants from 9 Indian Institutions, 13 French Institutions, and 1 company.

  • The roundtable was focused on matchmaking of possible collaborative areas of research for Sustainable energy solution for remote rural areas.
  • Also, emphasis was laid on research in Advanced Material & Devices, sustainable energy solution for remote rural areas, and bio-inspired building envelopes and solar collectors.



  • Dhilsha Rajapan, Head, Marine Sensor Systems Group, NIOT
  • Wielfrid Sanchez, Directeur scientifique adjoint, IFREMER

Participants: 21 participants from 8 Indian Institutions, 6 French Institutions, and 2 companies.

  • Due to the increasing Marine pollution, remediation methods were discussed for major issues such as oil and chemical spilling, presence of plastic and micro plastics, and littering, as they are common to both nations and there is a need for better management technologies.
  • The necessity of the creation of a state of the art network for translation of marine biology research was also highlighted by the participants.



  • Gitakrishnan Ramadurai, Transportation Engineering Division, IIT Chennai
  • Sylvian Franger, Vice President, Université de Paris Sud

Participants: 22 participants from 9 Indian Institutions, 8 French Institutions, and 3 companies.

  • The participants suggested creation of grants for forming extensive collaborations amongst all academic and industrial partners, consequently promoting student exchanges and skill development programs.
  • The consortium formed at the round table also mutually agreed to work together to implement the idea of electric vehicles on Indian roads by performing pilot experiments in Indian campuses with the aid of French Institutions who will share their expertise in the field of battery and EV charging.



  • P.S.N. Rao, Director, School of Planning and Architecture
  • Emmanuelle Rombach, ENSA Strasbourg
  • Aurélie Varrel, Senior Researcher, Centre for South Asian Studies (CNRS-EHESS)

Participants: 37 participants from 9 Indian Institutions, 19 French Institutions, and 4 companies.

  • The major themes of the roundtable focused Indo French scientific cooperation in the fields of architecture, urbanism and social sciences, with an emphasis on multidisciplinary approach, importance of supporting long-term engagement and as well as French funding instruments for academic research and partnerships.
  • The stakeholders discussed the scope of involving relevant actors working between two countries in the context of rampant urbanization in India.    



  • Frédéric Delmar, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, emlyon Business School
  • Navratan Katariya, Director, Startups, Innovation, NASSCOM CoE Io

Participants: 38 participants from 12 Indian Institutions, 13 French Institutions, and 10 companies.

  • During this round table, the need to develop entrepreneurial ecosystem in and between France and India and learn from each other’s experiences was brought up.
  • The participants pondered on the requirement of a greater industry-academia collaboration for the formulation of an innovative, and most up to date curriculum thereby strengthening employability and entrepreneurship.



  • Suhas Pednekar, Vice Chancellor, University of Bombay
  • Alexandre Maciuk, Université Paris Sud
  • Dominique Adolphe, Université de Haute Alsace

Participants: 24 participants from 5 Indian Institutions, 13 French Institutions, and 2 companies.

  • In the field of valorisation of bio-products from plants, the idea was to gain knowledge on the production of metabolites in aromatic or medicinal plants of mutual interests, to create a network by connecting major actors for facilitating research, to explore natural and organic fragrances and flavours and nature-based Cosmetic.
  • Concerning the second issue, since both countries have common textile culture and tradition, the participants discussed the launch of an Indo-French partnership on textiles in the areas such as sustainable production processes, utilization of plant-based dyes, and preservation of traditional methods of production.

For more information on Academic Partnership opportunities, please contact:

Ms. Emilia CARTIER

Attachée for Academic & Scientific Cooperation – North

Mr. Jérôme BOVE

Attachée for Academic & Scientific Cooperation – South

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