"France - India" Digitally Library

“France – India” Digital Library

Since 2015, the National Library of France – BnF is engaged in a shared digitalisation programme together with heritage institutions in France and abroad. Based on the idea of promoting digitally content as a way to give access to a shared heritage, these projects promote the creation of digital libraries.

“France – India” digital library will bring together digital documentary corpora which bear witness to the relations between France and India, but also to the way in which each country was perceived, understood and represented by the other in the course of centuries of interaction: official documents, scholarly works, evidence of daily life, customs, sciences and culture… The documents on show will be varied in nature: printed books and manuscripts, but also maps, prints, engravings, photograph. They will come from the collections of the BnF and from the documentary institutions partners of the project.

The first workshop on October 15th online will see a series of presentations focusing on Indian collections in various cultural institutions to give us a common basis for the discussions