Professional Mobility and Residencies

Encouraging the mobility of professionals between France and India allows to develop exchanges that will transform into lasting collaborations between the two countries. The French Institute in India actively works along these lines through different mediums, such as: accompanying public and private actors in their better understanding of the mutual artistic contexts and proposing training programmes adapted to the needs and demands of artists and professionals

Every creator has a space he belongs to, away from his usual environment and obligations. A creative residency allows for a safe space for encounters, disruption, co-creation and co-production, immersion in a new ecosystem. You’re a French artist aspiring to explore your own practice within a community in India, or an Indian artist wishing to experiment with new tools and techniques in France, discover the array of residencies available for new creations.

Mobility Grants

1. IF Tournée – IF Tournée aims to accompany international tours for companies and/or artists based in France. The conditions of eligibility and the application process by the artists or partners are presented here:
The application needs to be done by the artists or their managers/company in France. Moreover, this grant is for tours with a minimum of 5 dates.

2. Grants via French territories accord with the Institut Français:

3. SPEDIDAM: The SPEDIDAM offers grants to promote employment for performing artists in music, dance and theatre. Thus, SPEDIDAM allocates about €10 million to cultural initiatives to help many structures and thousands of performers to achieve their projects.

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