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Petit Pays - Hindi Book Launch & Online Movie Premiere

To celebrate the publication of Gaël Faye’s acclaimed novel Petit Pays (Small Country) in Hindi, The French Institute was pleased to invite you to an exclusive screening of the film Petit Pays (Small Country) by Eric Barbier.

The screening was followed by a conversation with Gaël Faye, the writer, and Sudhir Mishra, the Indian film director and screenwriter.

This event is over! Thank you for your overwhelming participation!

Small country

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Gael Faye Petit Pays Movie Premiere
The event is exclusively for the Indian public: anyone based in India is welcome.
Gael Faye Petit pays movie premiere

Small Country Screening


Live Discussion with Gaël Faye & Sudhir Mishra

Petit Pays

How to attend the session on 26th November:

1. Click on

We advise you to join at 6:15 pm, 15 minutes before the movie starts.

2. Click on “Create your account

Or log in if you already have an account on Salle Virtuelle (Virtual Hall).

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7. Watch the movie

The session starts at 6:30 pm

8. Stay connected for the live discussion

After the movie ends around 8:30, don’t leave the platform! Our guests Gaël Faye and Suddhir Mishra will appear on screen for the live session.

You can ask them your questions in the chat box.

The session will end around 9:30 pm.